What is Link in Bio?

I have worked in social media for over eight years at brands like Bon Appétit and Plated, and have always found resources for social media managers (and aspiring social media managers!) to be extremely bleak. There are the SEO-optimized blog posts from the tool you use to schedule Tweets. There is that one co-worker who thinks that just because they post their cat on Instagram that they are an expert. There are those books that are out of date by the time they’re published. There is Gary V*ynerchuck. But there is nowhere to go if you want to hear from the actual people who, you know, live on the internet and do this thing for a living.

Link in Bio is a newsletter where you can find my POV on various social media features, interviews with social media managers who get it right, job postings from cool brands, and much more.

Who is Link in Bio For?

Anyone who has a social account. While I think this newsletter is most beneficial for people who do social media as a profession, a lot of the information will be relevant for anyone who wants to grow their own following or learn about what actually goes into a quality social media strategy (@ every CMO).

Importantly, this is not a singular newsletter with just my thoughts. Almost every send will feature a different social manager with a unique perspective on the industry.

If you too are frustrated by the lack of social resources out there, I’d love for you to subscribe.


Rachel Karten
I’m Rachel Karten and I’m a social media consultant helping brands build value-driven social strategies that delight.