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"Does this trend currently serve our audience? And if not, is there an easy way to tweak it so it does?"

I love this question. It's part of my job to find trends for my clients but I am often focused on finding an opportunity and sharing it with the client that I forget to ask myself, how it serves our audience. Moving forward, I will ask myself this question when I am trending spotting.

Separately, I loved the examples that you provided with GoFundMe and Star Wars. I saw Starbucks take a fun approach by sharing drink recommendations. I shared my POV on the trend here: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:7040007939172032512/

Thanks Rachel!

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I always enjoy your newsletters and recommend to my friends in marketing. Thank you for your great work and time!

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Another thing to consider is using trends like this for Instagram captions... I've found that the follower overlap across platforms (at least in my experience) is slim, and it's a great, not to mention low lift, way to continue the engagement. Trends normally hit Instagram last, so it also shows your audience you're "in the know" or doing something revolutionary.

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